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Camping d'Aleth

Camping d'Aleth, located in Brittany near the Brocéliande forest, offers a unique camping experience focused on nature, greenery and originality. With accommodation including chalets, cottages, bamboo cabins, western campsites and double tipis, the campsite combines comfort and immersion in a lush green setting.
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From March 16th to November 16, 2024
Camping d'Aleth
The 3-star Camping d'Aleth is located in the Morbihan region near the Brocéliande forest. It offers a variety of comfortable accommodation and practical services to ensure a pleasant stay. The campsite is perfect for families looking to relax and enjoy outdoor activities, offering a peaceful, natural setting.
Ico service
Ico service

Campsite at the gateway to the Forêt de Brocéliande in Brittany

Large flower-filled pitches and services such as a bakery, bar and snack bar in season, as well as evening music, create a peaceful, friendly atmosphere.

Discover Morbihan with Camping d'Aleth
A magical experience in the heart of the Brocéliande forest, cradle of Celtic legends. Explore charming towns, hike through lush green landscapes, and immerse yourself in Breton history and culture.
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